Designer Carrie Rich travels the world through her work with The Global Good Fund, a nonprofit organization focused on developing the leadership skills of social entrepreneurs tackling the world’s greatest social issues through business. Her husband jokes, “she never comes home empty handed.”

Constantly seeking ways to combine giving back with making daily life more beautiful, Carrie began designing jewelry for herself with the gemstones she collects along the way. People began to take notice. “First my brother-in-law asked me to design my sister’s engagement ring. Then a Global Good Fund donor wanted to know where I got my earrings.”

With the birth of her daughter Lily Isannah, she started thinking more critically about jewelry as a gift that could be passed down along with the experiences we share.   

Carrie partners with local artisans to create ISANNAH’S sustainable designs. In India, she partners with a 9th generation family jewelry business that uses entirely solar energy to operate their jewelry production facility. 50 formerly low-income people are employed and paid fair wages. Employee transportation, daily meals, and education of their children are also covered through the collaboration.  

The supply chain and production of ISANNAH contributes positively to society; so do the sales.  All proceeds from ISANNAH go to The Global Good Fund.  May you wear ISANNAH jewelry in good health and with good conscience.